Saturday, January 8, 2011

who do u trust

recently i had made a comment to a so called friend about another friend who i had not heard from in some time, i mentioned i thought maybe she was mad at me i didnt understand as i had sent her money for dinner and alot of things and just didnt understand why she was not in contact. thought maybe i had done something wrong, yet knew she had been online talking to others. so my so called friend said dont know and we left it at that then today i got a text from the one i had asked about and said she had heard what i said(which was nothing bad but she seemed to think i was being nasty) i told her i had said that wondering if she was mad at me, i feel so betrayed by the one i thought was a friend who by the way said alot of negative things about the other person as the one i had asked about had done to me about her but i didnt run right back and tattle that he sais she said GROW UP neither of you are my friends anymore cant trust either of them i hate people sometimes i have done nothing but try and be nice to people helping when i can and this was the thanks i got so go screw yourselves im done with both of you

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