Friday, January 21, 2011

is anyone really EVER ready for retirement?

well here we are again another week gone by with my wonderful husband still off work due to a eye injury. if this is a prelude to retirement i can tell you right now will go nuts and do one of 2 things, either go and try and find a job or go nuts sigh,

its not that i don't love the guy i do dearly, but he is sooo driving me up the wall with his whining and acting so damn helpless it is about doing me in,

he isn't the one who has the bad heart I am and he is acting like he cant do anything is driving me crazy, i finally put my foot down tonight and told him to stop, just stop now he is all upset at me saying i don't care etc talk about acting like a child i just want him to grow up this is ridiculous ok got it off my chest now back to regular scheduled blogging lol.

i have been making these little sheep earrings and stitch markers with charms and beads and have alot of people getting them from me here is a sneak preview as to what they look like and you will be able to find them soon on my etsy store just click the link and hope it takes you there , if for some reason it does not work you can search for sellers and add shadowboy that will take you to my store

here are a few pics to show you what they look like before i list them if you are interested in any let me know and we can get you a special listing or you can buy them off of me here anyways enjoy and thanks for listening

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