Saturday, January 15, 2011

Please check this out is important for furkids

hi i belong to a group on ravelry that is afghans for animals and its part of a animal rescue group.

while many of us have fur kids and consider them to be part of our family ,many others do not.

They think a animal is just a possession,
something they have the right to do with whatever they want but that is totally wrong .

It is people like Lisa Craft and the others on ravelry who run shelters for these babies until forever homes can be found who are the true heroes.

take a few minutes and check out her blog

leave a comment for her if you appreciate what she and the others are trying to do.

here in washington state i have been so blessed to be part of helping little ones.

this last summer. with the help of pasadas safe haven ,
we were able to place snickers and her 5 babies(kitties who were at dh work) safe shelter then placement with the help of the southbeach humane society.

A big thank you to byron wilkes. You my friend made this happen as well as the future placement of the others as soon as we can corral them lol

My family and myself have rescued 8 other cats and taken them in at both houses so are pretty full up right now but i can tell you ,it is all good.

For all who care about furbabies god bless you.
For those of you who abuse them then may god have mercy on your soul, because if anyone of the people i know catch up with you ,well you will be punished to the fullest extent of the law.
thanks to everyone who do love animals god bless you

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Anonymous said...

Not only will we deal with them here...wait till they get to the HEREAFTER. Can you see them trying to answer their Maker as to how they treated his little ones with no words.

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