Monday, September 28, 2009

morning all

hey ya all thought would stop in and say hi, not much going on right now listening to some crosby stills nash and young. i soooo enjoyed that concert last week the kids got us the tickets to for our anniversary, i love their music and had a great time

not up to much, thought i would see what ya all have in your idea patch to make for christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate, i honestly have no idea yet what to make for most of my family, for my dd i am thinking of knitting a sweater and if i am going to do it need to get my rear in gear almost done with the scarf i posted about earlier.

i am thinking of selling this for about 25.00 considering the work and the amount of money the yarn cost so will see i might not sell it and keep it instead or give it as a gift.

chatted last night for a bit with some friends on facebook and yahoo, i know everyone is pretty busy this time of year. i know i am worn out for sure like last night i feel asleep with the computer on my lap hehe oh well didn't hurt anything so all was well.

im excited i chatted with my friend joyce and she is sending me a package for my birthday and some other goodies she had for me i can;t wait to see she always sends me the best things

talked to my friend nancy please include her in your prayers she has been diagnosed with breast cancer and can use all the good thoughts and prayers she can use. especially now when she is away from her family she needs her friends more than ever. love you sweetie hang in there it WILL get better remember what we talked about.

officially today am going to start going though my yarns so i can post them here for sale as i need to get rid of some and fast, shipping will be actual cost and handling with be posted and is not included in the price of the item i may combine postage for those who are ordering alot of yarn(you will love the prices hehe) so as soon as i can get going will be posting the yarn here may be tomorrow though before i get it all done. got to think on that also will be posting some patterns. hope that you all will see something you want and we can make a deal on it i promise to get started asap. if you see something and want it let me know and i will mark it pending and hold that for 24 hours but only if you are serious about buying it as by me placing a hold on it and then you don't want it i lose money. if this happens more than once won't hold it for you anymore i'm sorry about having to post all this but in past have been burned by people saying they want it then backing out at the last minute and i was not a happy girl hehe anyways will be lots for everyone and hopefully we can all make each other happy. thanks in advance for shopping here i look forward to seeing ya all and making both our days

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