Friday, September 25, 2009

can things be any worse?

i was just on the phone with my friend and fellow craft sister kathy, her son tim sustained a severe haed trauma 2 years ago and has been in a coma ever since,. tonight she called me as he was taken to the hospital with a very high fever, his upper body was very hot while his feet were normal temp not quite sure what that means but it does not sound good. please say a prayer for timmie he needs all he can get

yesterday was the end of a very stressing time on one of the forums i belonged to(past tense as i quit there yesterday) i had issues with several people about some things which just was not needed about i finally made a decision to step away from this group, i just want any who DO read my blog to know no hard feelings with any of you is time i moved on i wish you all the best and am leaving it at that, i don't want to start anything i just wanted to tell you all i wish you the best

woke this morning(actually was afternoon after 12 and am exhausted and headed to bed

more tomorrow love you all


Deneen said...


I only have Kathy's NJ number, do you have her cell so I can call her?

vicki said...

sure sweetie let me email it to you ok? she is in new jersey now will email you in a few hugs

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