Wednesday, October 21, 2009

life is life and what can we do about it?

tonight when i came home my little guy poster was mia he had been earlier i was soooo afraid he had chased a squirell somewhere and was lost i called and called poster here poster come home sweetie , no poster i had just about given up that he was lost and here he came little stinker, acted like j\nothing was wrong ack what am i going to do with these little buggers scared 4 years off of MY LIfE!!!! today sent my halloween swaps out from ravelry and now working on my christmas ones. i am in 3 there this year and am loving it. for those of you who don't know what ravelry is here is a link that should take you there and it will explain more and better than i can

i find it very entertaining and alot of my friends from that other forum i use to belong to are there especially older members who quit long before i did(they were alot smarter than me i think !!!)

im working on another scarf knitted again(no i have not forgotten crochet , just wanted a change for a while will be going back to crochet as i have alot of christmas presents need to get done too, so will be doing both.

lon still wants to buy a house in olympia and we are trying to convince him to wait to he knows for sure will have a steady job so far he is listening but i know he is already tired of the drive . i don;t blame him at all

thought i would pop in and say hi am so tired for a change think will try and get sleep. keep nodding off in the chair lol so until we meet again remember, be kind to yourself and especially to a others , treat them as you want the THEM to treat you god blessand keep you always in my prayers especiakly for nancy a dear friend and sister( NOT that sister nancy this is another one i call sister as we have bonded and feel as if she belongs to me, anyways please keep you thoughts and prayers directed at hr with healing thoughtd and prayers that she has been diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer and has a long road ahead ofher i miss all of u my family and friends. lauren sweetie you know i love u and care about you sorry did not call today lwas a lost dahy am off to bed now zzzzzzzzzzzzzz


Anonymous said...

Love the kitty stories. From the internet friend who reads your blog......:)

vicki said...

awww thank you my friend glad someone does lol

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