Monday, June 16, 2008

why why why why why why why why why why why why

o.k remember how i posted a bit back about my nausea medicine. well now i have another problem, seems that now nurse ratchet is worried about my health from me taking a stupid antihistamine. he wrote 1 or 2 as needed 4 times a day i need 2 4 x's a day he only wrote for 1 4x's a day so am almost out and half way thru the meds. only problem is he told me right on the bottle take 1 OR 2 for nausea 4 times a day. i hate my life i want the world to stop so i can climb off and go hibernate for the next 100 years. maybe then it will be better heck if i know but in the mean time here i am stuck in the middle with all of you whining and crying to you to use the meds im so sorry i don;t mean to be like this i have only you guys to talk to who will understand i love you all please send me some ideas please i'm begging you please helps me find something that will work so i don;t have to listen to them moan and groan

oh on another note please include my son in your prayers or good thoughts, as of today he is unemployed and is hoping to pick another job up hopefully at that school. i love you all pleaea


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vicki, I don't know if it will react with your other meds, but ginger is good for nausea. I know there are some teas & such out there that might help a bit.

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