Wednesday, June 18, 2008

something i just finished sad to say is to small for me :(

i made this shrug usding vanna whites new yarn was the purple tweed effect and i ran out so got the darker as a border , one weee little problem though im to fat. i look like shamoo the killer whale
so was showing my friend heather from the ville andf she said she loved itso i asked her if she wanted it and she said yes can't wait to get it so wooohoo has a homejustgot to pack it up and send to her tomorrow or whenever i get to the po back to the drawing board for me by the way was not my pattern i found it in the book 100 crochet projects. just wanted to share with ya all thanks for looking and reading my boring blog some day will have exciting news like i won the lotto or something yea right like THAT is going to happen

NOT!!!! hugs to ya all love ya bunches


(((((HUGS))))) sandi said...

Sadly, pain is NOT boring! LOL! You are on my mind a lot....

LOVE this piece! Rejoicing for your sis! and *THANK YOU!* for that comment for Mrs. Darling~somehow my SPAM filter picked it up~but I retrieved it today and learned something myself! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

tracy said...

That is pretty, Vicki.

Anonymous said...

That is very pretty Vicki!!! Too bd I would look lik the same whale, we need good plus sized things, Christinas heaven has a few and I think I have made me a mysticlk cardi in every
Love you lots friend many prayers and love
JoAnn AKA JoBug

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