Thursday, June 5, 2008

hey ya all sorry been so long have been pretty down lately and just didn;t feel like blogging much, still having that ear pain and am very dizzy when i stand up which means i lay down ALOT!!!!! but am hoping to get the house cleaned up then i get to have a new reclyner chair. hubby promised me that :D

not up to much same old same old, have talked to a few people, tonight got to talk to fran oh my gosh is she talented , she designed this wonderful shawl, wish i could show ya but that would be wrong without her permission so can brag about it lol
talked to my sister jacqui downin oz, have missed you alot darl, kathy my other sister i sure am trying to make thius project happen, i need to be able to get to the treadmill because once am done at physical therapy i will need to continue otherwise is kind of pointless hahahahahaha, ok i will stop boring you with my life history

the weather here has been so so cold and wet one day damp and wet on another day sunny and warm i give up summer hurry up and come back.

not much else to say here is a few pics of itsy in the jungle as we call it she likes to lay uin the iris beds and snooze and sometimes she curls up so small we can't even see she is in there and one of shadow the rest are some flowers in my back yard.i love rhodsys but they don't last thats the problem,would love a plant that lasted from early spring till late autumn. i know i know good luck right? anyways 9u

not much else to say working on a couple things for my secret pals and have a few things to get together and will be sending out a couple of packages towards the end of the week, oh wait is the end of the week, you who are about to recieve still won't have a clue cause im not telling when i am sending ]either cause then they woulsd gueas
wel ciaio for now at leasi]un

. ithis being a book now has mase

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(((((HUGS))))) sandi said...

So sorry you've not been feeling your best. Love the kitty pics! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

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