Wednesday, May 30, 2007

how ya all doing

hey ya all, how is everyone doing this fine day of may, did you know today is the actual true memorial day? or rememerance day as it was known for many years. i like a three day weekend as well as anyone else, but some days should be sacred. take the 4th of july would you ever think that to celebrate it say oh sept 16th would be good. of course not. its our nations birth and is where we celebrate our freedoms. although some kind of go over board. but i think some days like memorial day should be celebrated on memorial day. today as i fly my flag in pride and thankfullness, i ponder on how this country has gotten where we are today, i think about the libertys we all have, the right to vote, the right to bear arms, the right to have free speech just to name a few,. then we have those who do nothing but complain about this country, how its gone to the dogs, ( please lets not insult the dogs) well
i agree things are bad, but not so bad that it can not be turned around. when we get a rip in our jeans, we patch it up or throw it away or do what i do and make cut offs shorts saving me the need to have to buy those for spring and summer. my point is this country can be saved and its going to tae the hard work of everyone involved. oh can't do heavy work? HA, there is no one who can't pic a phone up and call the police when they see a drug deal going down or domestic violence or any other number of things which i will refrain from saying as i know there are some younger people who read my blog and i don't want them to feel uncomfortable. we can make a difference, our veterans did. ever see someone proudly wearing a hat or a jacket proclaiming that they are a vet of diff wars? well most of the world war 2 vets are not around much but you occasionally will see one or two, today i did what i do every time i see someone who is a vet. i thanked them, was a gentleman at the grocery store who was sitting waiting for his wife to finish shopping, after i put my grocerys in my car i approached his window(it was down already) and told him thanks, he looked at me with tears in his eyes and said young lady, you just made my day

alright now on to other business. i have been being a good secret pal i think. today sent my pal at the mania a package and the one at the ville she will be getting something soon. well maybe even sooner than i know as i sent snail mail also lmao

am feeling a tiny bit better. but am ahead of myself now once again as usual, to start at the begining
i went to the dentist the 23rd and had him finish the root canall, he had started the week before when my front tooth went absess. it was not a usual visit , for some reason he gave me way to much numbing agent. i mean my mouth hurt bad afterwards. well the whole day was a disaster, his assitant who i shall call lulu, was horrible, she kept trying to put on of those rubber dams on and could not get it to fit or anything i finally said STOP your hurting me, she hit the top of my mouth several times with the insturmentation that she used for it. needless to say was not a happy camper. hell i hate camping, so we finish and he says looking good should have a little soreness but not for long, i said alright thanks doc,
next day my lip is swollen and my face hurts like hell, i call at the start of the office hours and get the receptionist. i tell her i am hurting alot more than the i should be and am swollen, she says hang on, goes and tells the doc, comes back and she says he wanted me to take a antibotic and he called some pain meds in
fine i go get them take them and still am in agony worse yet by 4 that afternoon i called begging to come in and he said no didn't need to give the meds time to work, i said alright , thursday night am getting worse , friday morning rolls around and i can hardly see out of my eye, i call and of course he is out of town for the weekend, saturday morning am begging someone to find a damn gun and shoot me and put me out of my misery, my face is swollen completely shut on one eye i can't see out ot it at all can't of course get ahold of dentist because yep you got the prize he was out of town said his daughter when i finally did reach someone. so now i am screwed. i knew if i didn't get help soon i would not make it, i mean it was so bad that you could see it swelling as you watched., i look in the phone book thinking maybe the lord will be kind to me today
and make sure that i find someone. i looked up dentists and in the front of the posting there was a number for 1 800- dentist, i call and am hurting so bad am crying , the girl was so kind. she says how far is milton from where you live i said not to bad , she said i found you one. i am now crying so hard can't hardly understand her, daughter gets directions, so i go for the appointment, as soon as i walk in they are all very concerned, said as soon as i could get the paperwork done they would get me in, as i truly was a emergency case. i see the dentist who is a very nice and sweet lady
she looked at me and said oh boy, they took a xray (omgosh i about died) and it showed that there was a halo at the top of the tooth he had worked on. told me she would have to open the cheek up thru the gum line and hope that they could catch a pocket of that infected area. gave me some antibotics and said take them come back at 1, so i did and the poor girl who was her assistant kept apologizing to me saying she knew it would hurt me bad but she had to numb me
i said do what you have to. is alright , and thanked her for helping me. so after about 20 minutes of total hell believe me i suffered bad even with the nitrous oxide i had. the dentist came in and started to open the area up., i will spare you the gross details but she was able and i truly believe my guardian angel guided her hand find the exact pocket that she needed and was not just blood as she thought. after about 30 min of torture so great that the people who are so cruel in war would have been proud, she said she was done. they gave me another shot as i was already not numb(i go thru it fast, it don't last long for me the numbing agent i mean) and is at there for a bit and finally was able to get up and go and get into the car and go home, i suffered soooo bad because of the 1st docs lack of caring . but techinally that isn't true as he is a caring man, i guess more like his loss of thought for my pain level and not listening to me caused me to have to suffered and continue to suffer great pain,. i took pics and if anyone wants to see them i will show them but they are pretty bad.

alright i had my say and it made me feel a bit better, kind of wanted ya all to know why i was not around or posting in your blog. i was to busy almost dying. life is strange, for people who say women are the weaker sex, i sure can tell them a thing or 1,000 about how wrong they are. no one and i say again NO ONE should EVER have to suffer like i have,. and no i know i am not the only one believe me, i am thankful every day i live in the us. if i lived in some third world country i would have died for sure.

well for those of you who read this whole blog and didn't complain once. i thank you. god bless you all and i want to thank our men and women in the united states military service AND their families, a great big hug and thanks from a greatful american, who loves her country and those who choose to defend this great nation again THANk YOU god bless you all

Friday, May 25, 2007

hey ya all

hey ya all sooo sorry been so darn long been sick and tired and just worn out. still feel like crud though so will blog more tomorrow. h. good to be back hugs though to you all. just a quick thank you to both of my secret pals. both at the mania , and at the ville, you guys are the best. i can't go into details right now but will tomorrow when i hopefully feel much better. one thing i can say is am wearing my shrug and its beautiful . thank you once again dear bailey,,, hugs to all of you and god bless, take care and will see ya very soon hugs and blessings for you all vicki

Monday, May 14, 2007

happy mothers day

just wanted to wish all you moms out there a happy moms day, hope it was filled with lots of love and your children paying attention to the most important person in their lives.... yOu happy day and week ahead god bless and love you all

Thursday, May 10, 2007

hey ya all

how ya all doing, i been good just working hard on going thru my stash and finding new homes for it. i was a lucky duck this week though i-found the americana afghan i made and sold a new home. a member at the ville bought it, i just couldn't see keeping it and i know it went to a good home. thanks friend hehe

today watched the police chase this small beat up white car, over 15 miles at speeds of up to 90 mph, and why did this guy rob a bank/ was he a murderer? no the reason they chased him was because he was speeding and would not stop for them, then of course they found out it was a stolen car.if the stolen car was so important that the police felt the need to pursue him that just burns my butt, i mean seriously what in the world was so important that the police felt it necerrary since risk lifeand limb of so many people. i just don't get it kk nuff said

started a shawl today and is for my good friend fran, she is aways is doing something for someone, usually me :D its a really pretty browns with a gold thread and copper lurex running thruout the yarnwill post a pic when i get ready to send it to her.

cleaned house today, omgosh, does anyone know if there is a maid service which is cheap???? i am just whooped from cleaning, and i didn't even get half of it done ackkkkkkkk oh well i shall march on to finish.

yesterday went on a material binge yes i am addicted to material also, i bought the cutest polka dots, got them in red/white,, blue/white,pink/white,green/white,purple/whiteand yellow/white

i think that was all of the polka dots, also got this awesome heavier weight almost like a vinyl but wasn't orange and blue snakeskin yipeeeeee i so am going to create some awesome bags and pursesand also got a leapord/denim print/solid does that make sense, k i will resay it
leapord print one side// dark denim on the other side. HOW cool is that?!!!!!! and thats besides all the cool skulls stuff i have, the other day i had bought some really cute pumkin orange and white skulls and some black and white ones
yipeee hot dawg. lol

the weather here has been wonderful just awesome i can not wait till sunny days makes my body work harder for the weight loss and i can lose more faster as long as i am working harder,i need to get going and lose some more, anyone want some extra weight i can share with ya all no problem
. well ya all i best get going and get some sleep. god bless and keep you all in his care, love ya all

Friday, May 4, 2007

today was different. dd and i went shopping at joanns and got some yarn for the virginia tech healing blankets. so far have 3 done and am working on the 4th am hoping to finish at least 10 here is a link to the site if your interested

its also listed on crochetville if for some reason it didn't work

today is friday yipeeeeeee , i had to laugh at my son this morning he was all pumped up over the new spiderman movie and video game. he went to walmart at 6 am to get the copy of the game, what he forgot is most people have moved up from ps2 to a more advance gaming system, and there was plenty available for him hehe, well being the smart enterprising young man he is he decided to go for a sugar induced breakfast and bought donuts at walmart and since they didn;t have a pint of milk he went to top foods and got one there then was off to teach the masses, 2nd graders this day .

dd and i had a good time today just messing around and we enjoyed each others company for a while till i had to come home and she had to leave as she was getting her car serviced

now am just relaxing blogging and surfing the web, soon will be time to put shadow down for the night into his night accomedations(he sleeps in the garage)lol

and now for the important news are you ready for this? sitting down? yes ? alrighty here we go
drum roll please tadadadadadadada i me myself and i lost 3 pounds. you might think big deal but for me it is a VERYYYYY BIG DEAl, 3 down 37 to go, this is a major thing peeps i have been trying and trying to lose weight and i have not made that blasted scale move so i am doing the happy dance now hehehe will blog more later when i have more news. right now need to go surf so i can find out anything else worth blogging about lol
ya all take care and god bless hugs and donuts for all(except me, no donuts lol)
hey ya all i know i know i have been bad at blogging i know i have i am sorry. guess i keep falling asleep on the job hehe

i was at the ville earlier today and saw a post about a lys in the virginia where the shootings took place at virginia tech . this article intreged me so i wrote a welcome and also called to see what i could do to help. spoke with gina the gal who along with her coworkers will be putting these comfortghans together, i for one think its a wonderful idea and while i can't make tons i am going to make as many 8 in squares as possible and send them to them when i am done.

today also got a wonderful prezzie in the mail all the way from india, inside as my swap partner for notions swap at the ville, you can see some of the stuff she sent me on my blog right here as there was soooo much i just took pics. but i love it all my friend thank you soooo much

been working on the house trying to clean out my dining room and make it into a room that is used for well uh dining .

chatted with fran and sue today, been a long time since sue and i had a chance to chat, was good chatting with her

well i am beat and keep nodding off here on my puter so am goin to say goodnight to ya all, take care of yourself , but more importantlytake care of each other. a kind word or deed is much appricaiated and makes you and your friend much happier. k am off to dream land i bid you all adeu, god bless and keep ya all in good healh and happiness stay safe and watch over each other . goodnight now see ya soon love ya world

Thursday, May 3, 2007

what i got from swapna

there was more but somehow photobucket messed me up so have to reload the pics in it but here is a small amount of what she sent me how cool is this thanks swapna soo much i can not believe how much you sent me thanks again

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