Friday, May 4, 2007

hey ya all i know i know i have been bad at blogging i know i have i am sorry. guess i keep falling asleep on the job hehe

i was at the ville earlier today and saw a post about a lys in the virginia where the shootings took place at virginia tech . this article intreged me so i wrote a welcome and also called to see what i could do to help. spoke with gina the gal who along with her coworkers will be putting these comfortghans together, i for one think its a wonderful idea and while i can't make tons i am going to make as many 8 in squares as possible and send them to them when i am done.

today also got a wonderful prezzie in the mail all the way from india, inside as my swap partner for notions swap at the ville, you can see some of the stuff she sent me on my blog right here as there was soooo much i just took pics. but i love it all my friend thank you soooo much

been working on the house trying to clean out my dining room and make it into a room that is used for well uh dining .

chatted with fran and sue today, been a long time since sue and i had a chance to chat, was good chatting with her

well i am beat and keep nodding off here on my puter so am goin to say goodnight to ya all, take care of yourself , but more importantlytake care of each other. a kind word or deed is much appricaiated and makes you and your friend much happier. k am off to dream land i bid you all adeu, god bless and keep ya all in good healh and happiness stay safe and watch over each other . goodnight now see ya soon love ya world


Will Blog for Yarn said...

*hugs* my friend I hope you have been having a better go lately?

vicki said...

thanks kari, i swear sometimes i am going insane lol some days are better some are worse, right now i wish i had wings and could fly away LOL hey girl if ya are needing some yarn let me know i will be going thru my stash again and all i want is postage alrighty? let me know take care hugs

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