Thursday, May 10, 2007

hey ya all

how ya all doing, i been good just working hard on going thru my stash and finding new homes for it. i was a lucky duck this week though i-found the americana afghan i made and sold a new home. a member at the ville bought it, i just couldn't see keeping it and i know it went to a good home. thanks friend hehe

today watched the police chase this small beat up white car, over 15 miles at speeds of up to 90 mph, and why did this guy rob a bank/ was he a murderer? no the reason they chased him was because he was speeding and would not stop for them, then of course they found out it was a stolen car.if the stolen car was so important that the police felt the need to pursue him that just burns my butt, i mean seriously what in the world was so important that the police felt it necerrary since risk lifeand limb of so many people. i just don't get it kk nuff said

started a shawl today and is for my good friend fran, she is aways is doing something for someone, usually me :D its a really pretty browns with a gold thread and copper lurex running thruout the yarnwill post a pic when i get ready to send it to her.

cleaned house today, omgosh, does anyone know if there is a maid service which is cheap???? i am just whooped from cleaning, and i didn't even get half of it done ackkkkkkkk oh well i shall march on to finish.

yesterday went on a material binge yes i am addicted to material also, i bought the cutest polka dots, got them in red/white,, blue/white,pink/white,green/white,purple/whiteand yellow/white

i think that was all of the polka dots, also got this awesome heavier weight almost like a vinyl but wasn't orange and blue snakeskin yipeeeeee i so am going to create some awesome bags and pursesand also got a leapord/denim print/solid does that make sense, k i will resay it
leapord print one side// dark denim on the other side. HOW cool is that?!!!!!! and thats besides all the cool skulls stuff i have, the other day i had bought some really cute pumkin orange and white skulls and some black and white ones
yipeee hot dawg. lol

the weather here has been wonderful just awesome i can not wait till sunny days makes my body work harder for the weight loss and i can lose more faster as long as i am working harder,i need to get going and lose some more, anyone want some extra weight i can share with ya all no problem
. well ya all i best get going and get some sleep. god bless and keep you all in his care, love ya all


Will Blog for Yarn said...

Weather here has been great as well.
Looks like winter has finally hit the road.

Have a great day!

Hilary said...

Hey, sweetie! Just popping in to say hi!

Priscilla said...

We did some house and yard cleaning here too.
The weather feels so great.

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