Friday, May 4, 2007

today was different. dd and i went shopping at joanns and got some yarn for the virginia tech healing blankets. so far have 3 done and am working on the 4th am hoping to finish at least 10 here is a link to the site if your interested

its also listed on crochetville if for some reason it didn't work

today is friday yipeeeeeee , i had to laugh at my son this morning he was all pumped up over the new spiderman movie and video game. he went to walmart at 6 am to get the copy of the game, what he forgot is most people have moved up from ps2 to a more advance gaming system, and there was plenty available for him hehe, well being the smart enterprising young man he is he decided to go for a sugar induced breakfast and bought donuts at walmart and since they didn;t have a pint of milk he went to top foods and got one there then was off to teach the masses, 2nd graders this day .

dd and i had a good time today just messing around and we enjoyed each others company for a while till i had to come home and she had to leave as she was getting her car serviced

now am just relaxing blogging and surfing the web, soon will be time to put shadow down for the night into his night accomedations(he sleeps in the garage)lol

and now for the important news are you ready for this? sitting down? yes ? alrighty here we go
drum roll please tadadadadadadada i me myself and i lost 3 pounds. you might think big deal but for me it is a VERYYYYY BIG DEAl, 3 down 37 to go, this is a major thing peeps i have been trying and trying to lose weight and i have not made that blasted scale move so i am doing the happy dance now hehehe will blog more later when i have more news. right now need to go surf so i can find out anything else worth blogging about lol
ya all take care and god bless hugs and donuts for all(except me, no donuts lol)

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations on loosing 3 pounds...that's a very big deal to me too. ;)

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