Monday, January 6, 2014

why are people so stupid

Why are people so  dang stupid,  on december 5th  at about 6:30  while my family and i were  getting ready  for christmas  this stupid woman decided that she would much rather  mess with her baby instead of driving  plowded thru our fence    with her foot  flooring the  gas and ran into the  3 cars in our yard, destorying my daughters  2001  pontiac grand am.and also my  hubbys and sons  1995  chevy Beretta

 her pride and joy and love of her  very first car, also hitting my hubbys car and sons also. and  here is the kicker  the  bitch is still driving i soooo want to turn her in to the police  so i guess what my  question is is what would you do   signing off not   take care everyone  hugs and love  vicki ps the squirrel is just cause  bewahahahahah  rant over  love vicki  ps the  squirrel  is just cause  hehehehe

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