Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Another day another pain

Today  another day another pain is  sooooo true, i am so dang sick and tired of this pain i live with.  its not bad enough  that my back is messed up and always will be but now i  also am dealing with my shoulder and arm.

as my  posting from yesterday  we are still dealing with the insurance company on the loss of our daughters car i am just so damn tired of the  salvage yard calling me bugging me for them to come down and pick up her car. For  goodness  sake we dont even have the check from them and i don't know that we ARE going to accept the pittance they want to pay us for it.

I looked her car up online  and  the closest I can come to hers is a 2003   grand am  gt which i do know costs more but  she has all the extras on the car  everything but the name  GT,  and it was selling for  7000.00   double what they want to give us  REALLY ALLSTATE?   They are suppose to help us and all i can see is that they  are not  doing anything to help us more like  ripping us off.

Today is rainy and cold, had to take chunk into the  vet as he has been sneezing and not feeling good. and good thing we did. he has a upper respiratory  infection  so he  got a shot of antibiotics and i got a bill for  104.00    not bad considering our old vet would have cost us  well over  400.00

well i guess thats enough  "good news " bewahahahahahahahahahah   enjoy some of the pictures i took last year  peace and love to you all who take the time to  read this nice posting     LOLOL  ok tomorrow i  promise to try and NOT be depressed   thats  TRY  not to lolol   hugs and love to  ya all  vicki

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