Thursday, December 15, 2011

its the end of a time we know

its  christmas time  so they  say, i want to know   what u all are doing to  continue your traditions.In our family i thought  our  traditions would  carry on forever, long past when the kids were little,long after we got old, we have always had wonderful things we always did together, but this year is totally different. 

sad to say  no tree up where hubby and i live, no one cares enough to want to even bother i think.   

the holidays anymore seem to be just another day, i breaks my heart we have no one and nothing anymore.

i guess maybe i am depressed, i know i am tired of  my life that is  day after day same old thing wake up in pain, go to bed in pain,live my life in pain  day after day.

i just don't care  anymore i guess is what it is.why care when no one else seems to.  it  will soon be 2012, what  do we have to look forward to?  i guess only  2012 will show.

so to all of you  who read  this, i hope  your family has a much better holiday season than i am having.i have nothing done   and is in 10 days  sadly doubt will get it all done but will try. this is just  a posting i  needed to make maybe tomorrow will be better hugs to  all love vicki

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