Wednesday, February 9, 2011

midweek friend or foe ? bewahahahahaha

sometimes i wonder is the middle of the week a good thing or bad, its often called hump day because it being right in the middle its like a hump in life to get through then on towards the weekend, soooo is the weekend a good thing or a bad, i guess it realllly depends on how much time you have off and if it actually FALLS on saturday or sunday.

in our house its the weekend as of 3:00 pm on friday afternoon until 5 am on monday morning, what do we do on weekends usually not a darn thing with both of us feeling like the wrong side of a shoe that has been stepped in something smelly IF you know what i mean bewahahaha

life can be good or bad it all depends on what we make of it, i know i whine and complain but thats cause im just darn tired of suffering with no end in sight so irritating for me as well as my family i am sure.

now trying to deal with this headache from hades that just does not seem to want to go to away and is beginning to annoy the living tater tots out of me(do tater tots have lives?) see my brain is on vacation this evening due to the intense shaking and banging it got a week ago. while i usually am about as graceful as a bull elephant in a china shop i think i may have outdone even my old records of being a spaz sigh

well until the next posting i bid you all farewell and peace and love for ya always until tomorrow ciao

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