Wednesday, December 16, 2009

rest in peace my beloved merwyn

tonight i had to do something that was one of the hardest things i have ever had to do in my entire life. i had to take my beloveded merwyn to the vet to put her to sleep, she was one of the bravest strongest kitties i have ever ever saw in my life. let me tell you about my bambina the one i called cara mia bambina the love of my life.

it all started back in august of 1995, 1995 had been a hard year had lost my beloved grandfather on july 4th he was 95 years old lived a long good life but of course that did not change the fact that my grandfather the one i adored was dead it was about the 3rd week of august when my little girl came in the house and said mama there is kittens in the wood pile. i said really? thinking it was a stray cat who was just visiting, but it was not. it was my bambina and her brother boo along with another little black kitty who was so close to merwyn that they may have been twins.

we watched these adorable kittens romp around the yard during the months of sept and october. i noticed the mama kitty had moved them around alot but they felt safe in our yard as we had no dogs all of us enjoyed watching these little ones at play figuring eventually they would move on as ferrill cats do, and mama and one of the black ones did. we had not seen the babies for a couple days so figured they were gone. it was the day before thanksgiving, my job was to get the turkey cleaned and ready to roast the next day had just finished the giblets and was putting my pies in the oven(you all know how busy the day before a holiday can be) it was a wicked night out cold snowing and just outright nasty windy and i had clothes drying in the dryer as i always was doing laundry every day that day was no different until i heard this little meow like a baby kitten. i thought how odd,so i turned the back porch light and looked and there was merwyn and boo sitting under the dryer vent trying to get warm(was soooo cold in the 20's with snow and blowing made it very cold) so i said to them where is your mama little ones, the both looked at me so trusting and just meowed. i said are you hungry? they meowed i took that as a yes. i of course had no cat food only pancakes i had made for dinner. they snarfed them down and huddled together. so had dh go out to the patio and put a box with some blankets in it for them and they stayed in there as long as no one was around. come spring i said ok they have to go or we have to get them spayed or nuetered. well the kids loved them by then and so did i hehe so was the later that happened. eventually i was able to pet them and they became our babies. over the years they became more and more friendly towards us, boo who was merwyns brother was much more friendly than merwyn she was always very reserved. but when she loved you she was loyal to a T. in 1999 there was a attempt on this man to steal boo my son caught him and threw him off our property. in 2000 after a severe car accident this man took advantage of the fact i could not stop him and he was able to come in to the yard and take boo right away from our property. we were devistated we tried to find him but never did. merwyn went missing several times she was trying to find her brother. we never did get him back. then as we went thru all the things dealing with my injuries merwyn became very ill in november of 2001. she had developed a terrible infection in her plura cavity(chest) the vets told us we should put her down she had actually stopped breathing and they got her heart going again and her breathing, they told me she had a 5% chance to live i SAID PLEASE HELP HERso she had her surgery to drain it they put a drain tube in her and off to the vet we went that would do it, she spent about 5 days in the hospital and then we got to bring her home right after thanksgiving, 5 years after she came into our lives we almost lost her, it took alot of vet visits antibotics and alot of loving care but my little cara mia pulled through.

merwyn will always be in our lives with the pictures of her we have to the memories of our special kitty. this cat was amazing. a couple of years ago i was looking for her as was dinner time and she had not come to eat. i found her outside the garage door staring straight at it and then running back to me as if to say mom mom somethings wrong, there was the hot water heater was leaking and about ready to explode , its a natural gas heater so god knows what would have happened had it exploded but it would not have been good the tank was bulging and already had developed a big crack in it we were able to open the drain and get the water out of there thanks to our watch kitty. recently she started coming inside as she was not as well as she had been before that she hated being inside loved being outside in the air sniffing it and loved to lay in the sunshine i took her outside the day before yesterday all wrapped up as she was cold her poor little body was shutting down and she wanted to spend as much time with us as she could, merwyn was a smart cat she knew when things happened or were happening she loved laying on the mat i bought at it is basicly a space blanket covered with fleece it helped warm her. i will miss merwyn the rest of my life as i do boo, but she will live on in all of us. that brave little soul had more courage and spunk than anyone i know human or animal, i hope i can be that way but im not that brave. rest in peace little one i know your with those who have gone before and waiting for us to catch up i love you bambina with all of my heart love mama


Kari said...

*hugs* Sorry for your loss hun.

Ghost said...

Oh my! I so know that empty feeling and turmoil that you are feeling as I had to do that two kitties. It is only now after a year or so that I am even considering another kitty. My heart goes out to you.

vicki said...

thank you both of you im just lost without her coaster our siamese has been searching everywhere for her poor boy is in mourning too thanks for caring

itzhunic said...


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry Merwyn is no longer with you Vicki, I know how much you love her xx


vicki said...

thanks lauren and kookie i miss her horribly but it was time love ya all

Siouxz said...

That is so beautiful what you wrote about Merwyn and Boo. I always hate having to say goodbye to the babies.


vicki said...

thank you siouxz today when i gave the fur babies their presents i cried as i still have hers. i think am going to keep it and make more and donate instead she is at peace blessed baby girl

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