Wednesday, December 2, 2009

nothing makes sense anymore

as i sit here writing this post i wonder why nothing makes much sense anymore, i'm refering to the senseless killings of 4 of our police officers on sunday november 29th 2009 about 8:30 am officers Ronald Owens,Mark Renninger,Greg Richards and Tina Griswold of the lakewood washington police department were gunned down in cold blood by a convicted felon Marice Clemmons . this coward went into the coffee shop where these brave officers were sitting having breakfast and getting ready to go on shift. and without any care of remorse shot and killed these officers for no reason at all. The lives of these officers families have been forever destroyed by this coward and those who helped him Marice Clemmons was shot and killed by a seattle police officer early tuesday morning (12/01/2009)

my heart and prayers go out to the families of these fallen officers.
i am making comfortghans for each of the families if anyone wants to help me please contact me, i am using worsted weight yarn as i am allergic to wool and can not assemble it and making the comfortghans in 12 in sq in red/white and blue or any of the variations any pattern is welcome anyone who wants to help please add your name to the sq so they may know how many people have helped make this possible. i myself can not do this alone and am hoping those of you my friends who do still read this blog will find it in your heart to help, i know is a busy time of year and with christmas less than a month away i know it is alot to ask, please help me make this possible for the families of these fallen heros. god bless all of you those who can and will help and those who are not able to but pray for the families anyways or send good thoughts if you do not pray i am not a judge of anyone elses belief and welcome all who want to do this for them. i will not publish your names here if you don;t want leave me a message in the area and we will get together thank you from the bottom of my heart i need 80 sq am making them 4 across and 5 down once again thank you love vicki


Ghost said...

cant read your blog says bandwidth exceeded.

vicki said...

i know and i don't know why am working on it though sorry

vicki said...

is fixed now i hope you do come and read it ty ghost for letting me know

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