Monday, April 6, 2009

hey ya all

well i guess its about time i logged in and posted a few things not doing much busy with dad i feel so bad for him i wish i could do more please pray for him or send him good thoughts he can use any and all of them so from our family to all of you thank you for keeping him in your thoughts and prayers.

today was a beautiful day omgosh was almost 70 degrees out where yesterday was in low 60;s and froze last night come ON winter go away for heavens sake.
been crocheting scrubbie dishcloths and will be listin some in my etsy shop soon i am going to list a few right now just for you to see and then if there is a particular color combination you want let me know i am sure i can do something for you i love mine they are so nice to use with the dishes. also am thinking of making a package deal with the scrubbies and dish clothes, anyone interested in that let me know i don;t charge much 2.50 a scrubbie or we can make a package and save a little more maybe depending on what you want, ok now on to other things

life is pretty stressful here for us dh when he don;t understand or can't do what he needs to do lashes out at me which while is not fair nor am i taking it i makes me understand but what i DON'T understand is why everyone picks on me with my meds. io mean good lord if you all hurt like i do you sure as hell would not be giving me advice to do other things people just don;t understand and no teapot not talking about you we already hashed this out. i just need to get this off of my chest. because this is such a important part of my life i feel the need to talk so please no one take offense nor think i am mad at any of you bnecause its not true what is true is i need to educate people. when one lives in such horrible pain that it hurts to breath then would you deny them some relief? say oh meditate or bio feedback or some other stupid thing that will not help, it hurts me more than anything to know people i care about and love don;t understand. i know those meds as any meds (including booze or tobaco can cause alot of problems (i don;t do either) there is such a stigma about narcotic pain medication, let me ask ya a question , if your mother was diagnosed with heart disease would you not want the docs to give as much comfort as possible or diabeties or any other illness would you not want your loved one to have decent care and relief? then why is there such a stigma about taking pain medication, and for those who think what about a pain clinic all i can say is been there done that 5 long times that only cost me hundreds of dollars for them to sit there and say nope your fine nothing wrong with you when all the while i am one whisper away from being paralized and confined to a wheelchair for the rest of my life but would that be better than me taking strong meds? why do people assume that if you take these medications you become a drug addict? nothing can be farther from the truth, i do not have cravings i do not ephoric highs and lows. all i get is a bit of relief. and as for the bastards who give me a hard time in the handicap spots get a frigging LIFE go play in the freeway as my mom always told the neighbors kids who were constantly at our house. course there was no freeway close so was not going to happen. is just a saying, regardless back off stupid before I create a major scene, and have no worries i will if you accoust me again kk stepping off my soap box vicki

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