Wednesday, July 23, 2014

RE: Does anyone read this blog

Im curious if anyone  is even reading  this blog as no one comments. If someone does can you please post a comment so i know or its pointless to even   post  thanks in advance and no offense to anyone just wanted to  know if  anyone wants me to continue  thanks  vicki

My thanks to winni in Australia i will be sending you a message soon. I have not been online for a while so i did not see the comment until now. Its almost  3 am and time for sleep but soon i will post on how crochet has helped me through  some really hard times so thanks for  posting and i will chat with you soon  have a good day and keep smiling it does help trust me  until we chat again my friend   hugs and sunshine


Anonymous said...

Hi Vicki. I just read the article in Interweave Crochet about you. I haven't crocheted for years but I might start again soon. I was interested in how it helped you after your car accident. I've had chronic fatigue for many years but I seem to be starting to recover. I love reading about crafts. It's my dream to do more eventually. I'm posting this anonymously cos I don't have a google account and I don't think I can comment any other way. Keep up the good work . Winny. In Australia.

vicki said...

Winnie crochet helps me by focusing my mind on doing something positive. i try to now feel sorry for myself and just accept the fact that my life changed and i have no choice but to go forward. By crocheting i feel like i am alive especially when i am able to design something new and then actually make it and share with others.

I hope that you will start crocheting again and if i can help you in any ways please let me know hugs and happy crocheting vicki

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