Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A wonderful time was had by all!!!

Last  friday   i  went with my  kids Lonny, kristy and sons gf  kayleen to see Ann and Nancy Wilson of the  awesome band Heart!! and also  saw Jason  Bonham whos  father was  John Bonham in the  great band  Led Zeplin  and let me tell you it was  AMAZING AWESOME  FABULOUS  OUT OF THIS WORLD  TOTALLY  FANTASTIC  concert  i have been to since  seeing  Sir Paul McCartney in July.

Its been a   wonderful summer weather wise and   we enjoyed it with  lots of fun with each other good food  lots of music including going to see  bands we grew up with, Also saw  Sammy Hagar recently soon  going to see the EAGLES  in seattle  will be a  fun time for sure.

here are a  few pics of the Heart  / jason bonham  concert we saw  recently I hope you  enjoy the pictures as much as i enjoyed the concert  thanks to both of my kids for making it happen for me   love you guys soooooooo much  

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