Tuesday, April 23, 2013

APRILS musings

HI  everyone  been a  bit since i posted i know but  not alot going on to blog about. 

Trying to  organize  the house after bringing so many of our belongings from the other house  that  son is going to buy, and its sure hard to move from a house the size of  that one to this tiny little house  under a  thousand square feet , actually  under  800 sq feet and NOOO storage so i have to get rid of alot of stuff.

I have so many  crochet and knit mags and books patterns ect  going to sell the ones  i dont need or want(will be a lot)so when i finally do get them cataloged and priced will   post a  link to the  numbers and names.

Also  yarn and fabric will be for sale.   need the room and the money so  my loss can be your gain !!!

That said i am   dying to go to hobby lobby  just to  check it out and see what they have, i promise to be good.

I have been making jewelry and  crocheting  lots of fun things  right now am working on a  dragon amigarumi and its soooooo cute. I am making it for a  friend in  Toronto and she loves  dragons and asked if i could make her one. i said sure no problem.

The sun is shining today and that makes me happy, been  a long cold winter and am ready for  some nice weather, suppose to hit   70 tomorrow which is   awesome  must  find my shorts and   tank tops 

Hope your  day is going good and will leave you with some  awesome pictures  Enjoy  and have a  fantastic  day  hugs from me to you :)

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