Monday, July 25, 2011

morning everyone, its 2 am and am sitting here thinking bout  how life is sometimes,  i am tired but not sleepy if that makes sense. right now my pain level is pretty bad i wish i could make it alot better but tonight i think i am in for it.  foot is really bothering me tonight. somehow managed to mess it up too.

i was asked earlier tonight i saw on a posting about a lady who is writing a book in how crochet   and knitting help those of us with chronic pain . she asked if i was interested and at first i was.   not going to do it but think i will if it don't involve alot of legal beagle stuff. so off to contact her to see what its all about  ciao dear friends who are  truly lost and feel  abandoned  rememember YOU ARE NOT

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Anonymous said...

I believe you would be a wonderful contribution to a book! You are always so helpful and patient with those of us always begging for help(like me for one). Sorry your pain level is off the wall right now...I know mine is because of the dreaded humidity factor and heat here(and because at times I don't have the sense to say 'no' when I should)...(((hugs))) and Love, Laurie

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