Thursday, June 30, 2011

rest in peace our friend

i need to share something with you all,  i went today to pay  my ins payment as i always do and saw my agent dana  asked her how her dad was he was not just our agent for 40 years he was a friend  , she told me he had passed away, this made me very sad as chuck was a very special person  one we will never forget ever  here is his story

U.S. Veteran
Chuck Reinking was born and raised in Preble, Indiana. He attended a one-room school house in the country.
He is survived by Sharon, his wife of 49 years; his two daughters, Kari and Dana; and his granddaughter, Michelle.
Chuck was a member of the La Foundation Napoleon, a member of Lakewood Chambers of Commerce, and a member of the American Legion.
He attended Anderson College, Indiana University, the University of Utah, and the University of Washington.
Chuck spent 37 years in business in Lakewood as an Allstate agent. He was a charter member of the Allstate Hall of Fame and three-time Agent of the Year.
He was a former coach, a former referee, and a former umpire.
Chuck traveled extensively all over the world with his loving wife, Sharon, and frequently returned to Italy where they first met. 

rest in peace our friend may you look down from heaven and know your family is carrying on your dream. and we will miss you  

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