Friday, May 6, 2011


happy friday one and all, its the friday before mothers day and what have you got planned. since all of my mommys and grandmas are no longer on this earth i will visit those who are close to me because the others are just to far away for me to get to the gravesides. so will be there in my mind. it has been such a long time since i lost each of them i still miss them terribly.

so on to new news i have friends who are mommys for the first time i want to wish my friend trish a special mothers day wish, last year she had no idea she was going to have a beautiful baby girl named kelsie
so congrats to you once again sweetie and happy mothers day.

my own children are cooking something up because i am not allowed to step one foot into the house where they are living now, which means no shadow , no itsy , no coaster and and no little ickabod. i will miss not seeing them as i do see them every single day. my fur kids here will have to put up with lots of love and hugs from their mama instead.

spring is finally here with the flowers blooming like crazy. its still amazingly cold out though and we had frost the other day at a nice temp of 27 degrees IN MAY!!!!!!! some places had snow believe it or not.

today am going out to lunch with my dd Kristy and her friend Peggy, it is Peggys birthday and she had planned to take her to lunch when i had asked her if she wanted to have lunch with me so instead will get to go out to eat both of them.

i recently made a darling little froggy hat and it is for sale in my etsy store here is the link for you

go check it out and tell me what you think. have added several new items of jewelry also so check it out and see what you think.:)

life has been a bit difficult lately
my health has gone down a bit hill recently , my stenosis has gotten much worse the pain and stabbing burning numbness i have been dealing with have gotten to the point i can't take much more. i saw the doctor and he suggested i try neurontin for it as it is suppose to help with it, i tried it long ago and it didn't work then, am very worried that the side effects are so bad that i won't be able to take them, last time i was on it i gained 25 pounds and still have not lost it and i can not afford to gain anymore weight, adding into that is the dizzyness the feelings of depressions worsening and a whole lot more, yet what do i do i can't stand the pain anymore so have to try it so please if you could remember me in your prayers or send good thoughts my way i am just a burden the way i am so need to be able to step up and do what i can to make things work. sooooooooo am really hoping it will help without causing more issues.

well am off to get ready to go , take care dear friends and for all who are mothers happy mothers day and god bless each and every one of you love vicki

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